Yes, we know. It seems a bit ridiculous to do anything with wine besides drink it. But we have to admit, there are always those times when one too many bottles are opened or even the times when you open a bottle only to find it isn’t good anymore.

Just for your information, according to the site Wine Folly, light wine and rosé last for five to seven days when stored in the fridge and sealed with a cork. Full-bodied whites and reds last for three to five days in the fridge with a cork for the former and in a cool, dark place with a cork for the latter. After those time frames, the wines are no-gos for sipping. So here is a list of the top 5 things to do with leftover wine (besides drink it).

1.Soften your skin

This trick may not give you the buzz, but you will definitely be left with skin as soft as a baby! The antioxidants that give red wine its health benefits, make it equally as beneficial for your skin. Use leftover wine as a toner, or dump it into your bathwater and soak the night way in the best way.

2.Clean your vegetables

This may be a shock to some of you, because who would ever think of spraying alcohol onto their veggies, right? But the alcohol in wine actually removes impurities far better than water ever would. It can even kill serious bacteria like E. coli and salmonella.

cleaning vegetables

3.Dye clothes

Everyone’s worst nightmare – spilling red wine on your crisp white shirt (everyone knows that this is physically impossible to get out). Well, we have a solution for you. Instead of fighting it’s staining power, let it work to your advantage. Since many dyes are laden with chemicals, wine could be the perfect solution!

spilling red wine

4.Freeze it

Pour leftover wine into an ice cube tray, and freeze it. When you need a bit of wine to make a sauce, marinade or dressing, you’ll have it available. If the wine isn’t too old, the wine cubes would be the perfect addition to a holiday punch recipe or any wine cocktail like sangria. The cubes will keep your libation cold without diluting the flavor. Keeping your cocktails cold with more alcohol may just be the best idea ever!

freezing wine

5.Clean up

Leftover white wine makes a great disinfectant for your kitchen. The alcohol combined with the acidity can remove stains and kill germs without all the harsh chemicals of standard cleaners. Beware granite-lovers, the acidity can damage some countertops. You can also use white wine as a glass cleaner.

cleaning with wine


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