As stated in the previous blog (if you haven’t read it yet, go check it out!), alcohol has definitely been in the limelight this holiday season. Now, its tea’s turn. It’s the perfect timing as well, with all the specialty tea cafes’ opening up in and around Cape Town. So, if you are a tea-lover like me, you’ll appreciate this list of the most popular tea hot-spots around Cape Town:

1. Lady Bonin’s Tea Bar

South Africa’s first tea bar is located on the famous Long Street. Offering everything from takeaway teas, tea lattes to tea infused pastries and treats. Yum!

Check them out here


2. The Botanical Tea House, Mowbray

This little gem in Mowbray holds a special place in my heart since it is situated just down the road from my little home Mowbray! The whimsical home is decorated with art and plant life, and serves tea in laboratory bottle. How cool?

Check them out here


3. Kirstenbosch Tea Room Restaurant

The earthy atmosphere, and floral-scented Kirstenbosch is THEE perfect place to sit down and relax with a cup of tea (or two). They offer an English Tea for two picnic offering includes a sandwich, two mini spinach and feta quiches, homemade scones with jam, and a slice of cake.

You can also order what you like off their menu and they will pack it for you.

Check them out here


4. Rhodes Memorial Restaurant and Tea Garden

If you have ever been to Rhodes Memorial for a day-visit, you’ll know the beautiful view that lays beneath it. But not many people know about the little cafe that is situated there, tea with a view is what you’re in for when you visit

Check them out here



We really hope that you enjoyed reading this blog. Enjoy and bon-appetea!

Reference Article: Cape Town Tourism