We found Silver in the Valley 

When I arrived at Silvermist Organic Vineyards, the tasting room manager, Nicholas, and the farm manager, Tessa , welcomed me with big smiles and open arms. The warmth I received and interesting stories I heard reminded me how lucky we are to get to tour in such an incredible landscape and farming community.

Greg, the winemaker, has a fascinating history and introduction into the winemaking industry. Unlike many of the other wine farmers in the region, Greg’s story started in business. He embarked upon his studies with a business degree and then headed back to the farm his father originally purchased in 1984.  It was back on the farm that Greg began his work then went back to persue his studies as a Viticulturist at Elsenburg, Stellenbosch.

Why is it called Silvermist?

Greg’s grandfather previously owned a farm in Durbanville which he named Silvermist. What gives this name it’s extra special significance is the way it is situated in the Table Mountain Nature Reserve. When the mist settles in, you feel as if you are sitting on top of a silver cloud and when the heavy clouds move in, it’s as if you’re sitting amongst it.

The North West rain clouds that we’re talking about bring plenty of rain in winter, it’s a magical setting here at  Silvermist, a haven for growing Organic Vineyards and destiny for Greg and his inspirational team.

The Silversmith of wine

Chatting to Greg I discovered that there was a lot of exciting things going on at Silvermist. While we sat eating our lunch, excitement was in the air as the final touches were being placed in the tasting room. He is launching his first MCC this year, and they are only making 500 bottles. When I was speaking to Greg, he was the only person to have tasted his MCC at the time. The thought of an undiscovered bottle of MCC made my toes tingle from excitement.

The Silver is polished.

Like many things in life, Silvermist did not always look as picturesque as it does today. When Greg’s father first purchased the farm, its was covered in alien trees. The original farm was 22 hectares. In 2014, together with his father, Greg purchased what you see today and there are currently just over 51 hectares of land that makes up the farm. Greg and his team continue to clear the alien plants and make way for more vineyards as they continue to paint the picture that makes up the not so familiar side of Table Mountain.

Taking off like a rocket

The first thing I noticed when tasting the wine was that the logo was a picture of a really cute dog. During lunch, I was introduced to the inspiration behind the logo, Rocket Dog.  I was fascinated as I heard the story of how Rocket came to live on the farm and became the logo, but I won’t spoil the story for you, you’ll have to come visit us on tour to meet Rocket yourself 😉


The Silver is Shining

We spent the rest of our day exploring the farmlands, where fynbos runs wild.  Greg explained to us his plans to develop the farm further and eventually plant more Vineyards as well as potentially looking at setting up some walking trails along the farm. We look forward to showing our guests around this incredible farm and telling its story.  To hear more about how you can visit the farm, contact us here. Or alternately check out our website for other tour options at www.theconstantiwinetour.co.za.