Looking for a great Corporate Tour in Cape Town?

The Constantia Wine Tour runs its Corporate Tours in the Constantia Valley, the perfect and most picturesque area for Corporates and their Teams.  The wine farms we operate on have incredible venues for get togethers, team building,  celebrations, orientation or an event of your need.

Your tour will include the following

  • 3-4 tastings at different farms
  • Transport
  • Lunch at a renowned restaurant in The Constantia Valley
  • Site Tours of the wine farms
  • A fabulous guide to show you around


Corporate Tours

Corporate Tour, Cape Town

Why would you want your Corporate Tour on a Wine Farm?

It’s simple really.. Apart from the fact that its absolutely breath taking,  wine farms are a great place to forget about work and have some fun with your colleagues. After all, if you are going to be working with the same people day in and day out, you may as well find something in common with them? And wine is always a good place to start when getting to know people.  And we don’t only mean getting Tipsy but learning about it can be pretty incredible too.

Dining Out, Corporate Tour

The Constantia Wine Tour

Corporate Tours, Constantia Valley

Game on, Corporate Tour

Corporate Tour

Wine brings people together

We’ve often taken people on tours who didn’t know each that well initially, and we’ve found that by the end of the tour they are asking us to take photos with their new friends.  Yes, the wine obviously helps a little, but we’ve also realized that when people realize they have something in common (in this case wine) they ease up a little, let down their guards and enjoy the moment with their new friends.

The Constantia Wine Tour

Looking to do a Corporate Tour?

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