The Summer season is all about that warm sun melting on your skin, crispy cold pool water touching your toes, and let’s not forget about that cold glass of wine in your hand (it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?) Whether the wine is in your food, or beside it, be sure to try out some of our favorite fresh pairings this Summer, that The Constantia Wine Tour has picked out just for you!

1.Rose’ with woodfire pizza

Rose’, hands down one of the best Summer options no matter what food you pair it with. It’s well-known that rose’ and tomatoes quite actually a match made in heaven. It’s fresh, flowery aromas make it an excellent wine for pairing with anything rich with tomato sauce, and what better summer dish than a pizza?


2. White Port with Watermelon

Competely ignoring the cardinal rule of paring sweet with salty, when your food is all-out sweet this Summer, your wine should be too. With your daily dose of watermelon by the pool-side, try a port-style wine made of Chardonnay. Together, they’re a grown-up fruit salad.


3. Pinot Noir with Grilled Salmon

Pinot Noir is the ideal pairing with grilled salmon—the light red fruits and earthy, savory nature are a perfect counterpoint to the rich, slightly sweet and savory pink meat of the salmon. The medium acidity of this wine also helps to cut through and balance the dish’s oiliness!


4.Chardonnay with Fresh Corn

There’s ever a time for a Chard, it’s when you’re eating sweet, crunchy corn. The wine’s sweet-seeming fruit, balanced with creamy lemon flavors, will keep you coming back to the corn.


5. Syrah with a Bacon cheeseburger

It is found that smoky, earthy red that match up well with the flavors in a Bacon Cheeseburger


6. Sauvigon Blanc with Goats Cheese

The zippy acidity in the wine matches the acidity in the cheese. The combination is fresh and invigorating!


7. Riesling with Peach Pie

One rule is that your dessert wine should always be sweeter than your dessert!


8. Pinot Grigio with lobster

Rich, buttery lobster should be paired with a wine that has racy acidity , and there is no better option than Pinot Grigio! With flavors of zesty tropical fruit, a glass of pinot grigio is all you need to bring out the flavors of grilled lobster.


Wine pairings can be quite intimidating, so take our word for it and don’t feel as if you have to be a sommelier in order to choose pairings that will actually work this summer. Try out some of these options and if you are feeling brave, experiment with them.  Get that summer braai lit, pour some wine and start Summer off with a bang.

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