So what you usually see when on The Constantia Wine Tour are the glamorous vineyards, and delicious the wine. But what you don’t usually see, is the team behind all the tours! So here is a little snippet about each and every individual that makes up The Constantia Wine Tour:

Blake – The Lekker Guy

Founder, Boss Man and wine-lover, Blake was born and bred in Constantia. He likes to say “lekker” a lot. Before completing The Cape Wine Academy course, Blake traveled abroad and gained his lekker experience in the hospitality and tourism industries.

Jessica – The Durban Girl

Jessica started an internship with The Constantia Wine Tour back in 2016 and now resides in Durban where she continues to remotely work as our Social Media Manager and works on our wine pop-up experiences. Organisation, lists and calendars are Jessica’s forte – definitely an A-Type personality!

George – The Freelance Guy

When George is not summering in Cape Town, he spends Winters in Zimbabwe where he does overland tours and excursions to Victoria Falls. George is out there. George is way out there. In fact, he’s probably way out there in Zimbabwe right now.

Jorn – The Techie Guy

Jorn is focused on all the technical stuff that you and I probably can’t pronounce – even after a glass or two. But seriously, Jorn keeps all the online cogs turning while the rest of us sip on Chardonnay. Jorn drinks coffee to stay awake.

Sisipho – The Small-Town Girl

Sisipho is passionate about her heritage and all things South African. A small-town girl with a big heart, Sisipho is an out-of-the-box thinker and an asset to the Marketing team. Just don’t mess with her…

Ntokozo – The Glam Girl

Ntokozo is a sophisticated village girl from the Eastern Cape. She is like red wine – she travels well. Ntokozo is a style and PR genius for our wine pop-up experiences and is inspired by food and fashion. This girl dresses up for her glass of wine!