If you have never experienced Cape Town by night, then we are sorry to tell you this, but you have never REALLY experienced Cape Town. From First Thursdays on Long Street, to moonlit hikes, to the sun setting at 9pm in Summer, we complied a list just for you on the top 5 ways to experience Cape Town like never before.

1. First Thursdays

First Thursdays are truly i.c.o.n.i.c in Cape Town. Whether you are the type of person who enjoys visiting all the free art galleries and food vendors on First Thursdays, or the type of person who just likes to have a good midweek jol’ on Bree Street, you are guaranteed to have a good time. Don’t know what First Thursday even is? Read up about it here!

first thursdays

2. Lion’s Head Moonlit Hikes

Now, this might sound a little scary for some of you, but we promise it will be one of the best Capetonian experiences that you ever have! The hike starts any time between 4-6m. Book here

moonlit hike

3. Sunset picnics on the beach

Some of you may already know that Cape Town during Summer is THEE place to be. The sun only starts going down at 8pm at night (how great?!). So whether you’ve have a long day at work, or you’ve just been super busy, make sure you end your day with some sun downers at any one of Cape Town’s scenic beaches to toast down the sun – you won’t regret it!

4. Signal Hill Sunset Watch

Ah, Signal Hill. Where you see those iconic sunset Instagram’s. Don’t miss out, beat the crowds and make sure you get up the hill early enough to jab a spot and watch the most beautiful sunset take place.

signal hill

5. Watch a movie under the stars

What’s better than being cuddled up in a warm blanket watching an old classic? Well, doing all of this under the beautiful stars of course! The Galileo Open Air Cinema in Cape Town runs until April! The doors open at 6pm, and the movie starts at sunset (how romantic). Tickets start at R89pp.

outdoor movie

We hope that you enjoy some of these cool things to do in the dark!