Winemaker 1: Matt Day

Meet Matt.  He’s the head winemaker at Klein Constantia.  Matt has been with Klein Constantia for 8 years. He lives on the property and enjoys the company of neighboring wine makers for a couple of drinks together on weekends.

Why do you enjoy being a winemaker at Klein Constantia?

“It’s a legend place. We make some of the best wines in the world. As a wine maker there really is nothing more you could ask for.”

What’s your winemaking philosophy?

“Our philosophy has been creating the best Sauvignon Blanc and best Sweet wine in the world.  We would like to be seen as iconic amongst all the world wine players in the world.”

Is there any particular bottle that you think is very special and why?

“It would have to be the Perdeblokke. Perdeblokke is a very interesting wine.  The name originates from ‘horse vineyard’.  In 2005, a particularly vineyard had been consistently been named the best block on the farm, so then it was decided that they needed to make a special bottle of wine from this. The workers said they needed to call this special bottle Perdeblokke after the horses that used to till the soils on the slopes of the Constantiaberg mountain.”

Interesting fact of the day:

“The beauty of Sauvignon Blanc is that it expresses the change in area more than other wine does.  If you take a block from one area and compare it to a bottle from a block that lies one km away, they will be completely different.  Everyone thinks it is fruity acid bomb, but each bottle is very unique.  This is what makes Sauvignon blanc so special.”