Looking for something really awesome to do in Cape Town that isn’t swamped by thousands of tourists?


Constantia along with the Constantia Wine Tour, has all the best spots for you.  Did you know that the City of Cape Town is home to 11 wine farms?   If you had to look at a map of Cape Town you would notice that the wine farms are neatly tucked behind Table Mountain.The Constantia Wine Tour covers all 11 wine farms in the Constantia Valley and would like to treat you to as many as possible.



The Constantia Wine Tour has a variety of tours that you, your family and friends can treat yourselves to with very minimal effort involved.  We’ll plan your entire trip for you including transport, your lunch as well as your chosen tour.

What are you in for?

  • Incredible Views of the Capes Vineyards
  • The best wines in the world
  • An A La Carte Lunch Option
  • A Jeep Experience Option (Tour and Availability Dependent)
  • Site Tours
  • History Lessons
  • The list goes on

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