The festive season, Fa la la la, Jesus’s birthday. Call it what you want- Christmas is finally upon us! This holiday seasons brings about many special things: mince pies, Christmas trees, presents, lights, and most importantly, Christmas markets. Yes, you heard me, Christmas Markets. If there is one thing that gets you in the festive spirit, its a good ol’ Christmas market with hot mulled wine, comforting food, joyous music and general smiles all round. So here’s a festive list of some of the best tired-and-tested Christmas markets that are a must-do this season.

Pinelands Craft & Gift Fair

The Pinelands Craft & Gift Fair takes place every December in the Kent Hall at Pinelands High School. The Fair lends a wonderful opportunity for locals as well as visitors to do their Christmas and end of year gift shopping in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Where: Pinelands

When: 4th-22nd December

pinelands christmas market

Simply South Gift Fair

So what can you expect at this kind of market you ask? Selling lots of unique and quaint handmade goods, this market has everything  from clothing and jewelry to pottery planters and woodwork. There is also a tea garden that offers a wide selection of eats where you can rest between batches of shopping of course!

Where: NG Kerk Constantia

Times: 10am-8pm (Monday to Friday) 10am-5pm (Saturday) Closed on Sundays

simply south market

Cape Town Food & Gift Fair

From the 20th-22nd of December, as described in their poster, this market is a place where “food meets craft meets Afrikaans music”.

Where: Castle of Good Hope

Time: 9am-9pm (Tuesday to Thursday), 9am-4pm (Friday)

cape town food and gift fair

Cape Town Summer Market

Now whilst this market is only from the 16th-19th of December, it opens up again on the 26th-30th December. How great is that! Nothing like some Summer festivities to cure the after-Christmas blues. This ones great for the family and offers both parents and their kids engaged and entertained.

Where: The Company Gardens

Time: 5pm-10pm daily

cape town summer maket

From The Constantia Wine Tour family, to yours. we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.