We ALL know the usual lists of restaurants and activities that capetonians suggest you just MUST visit. Tiger’s Milk, La Parada, Lion’s Head Hikes we get it…So we put together a list for you, of our top 5 alternative “hidden gems” in Cape Town, that absolutely should be on your list, whether you’re a local or a traveller!

1. Madame Zingara’s Group Restaurants

If you have ever been fortunate enough to attend a Madame Zingara show when they tour the country, then you will know what type of spectacular experience you are in for when visiting this establishment. Dig the Moulin Rouge vibes? Then this is your type of restaurant. Make sure you take advantage of Madame Zingara Group’s restaurants‘ weekly happy hour specials!


2. Swimming with Crocs

Yes, you heard right. Shark diving not risque enough for you? Watch these beautiful creatures up close in a safely enclosed cage at Le Bonheur in Paarl.


3. Observatory Art Thursdays

Most of us know First Thursdays as a day to visit cool bars and drink on a week day (yeeeah!). But we have a different option for you to try. Experience Observatory’s rich creative culture as the hip suburb celebrates its art scene every second Thursday of the month. Start off at Ahem! Art Gallery where you’ll grab a map of all participating spots.

first thursdays

4. Cape Town’s Hidden Waterfall

Strangely enough, not even many locals know about the Silvermine Waterfall, and fortunately a brief 30-minute walk through the south-eastern part of the reserve will take you to this hidden gem. Fun fact of the day, Silvermine’s dam is pitch black, this is because of the tannins from the fynbos vegetation.

silvermine waterfall

5. Visit the Redwood Forest at Grootvaderbosch

Tucked away in the mountains between Swellendam and Heidelberg is the Grootvadersbosch Conservancy, a secret world of ancient forest and fynbos, also a reserve which is home to a forest of towering redwood trees, the tallest species of tree in the world.

Reference Article: Cape Town Magazine

**Please note that pictures are used as a depiction