The best combination of Art and Wine in Cape Town

This month has been an exciting one, as we looked at Wine and Art in Stellenboschthen proceeded to Constantia, where we met an artist who is passionate about the Winelands too.

Meet Damian Osborne, local Capetonian and budding artist, who has lived in Constantia for the past 10 years.   Damian has had a career in both the Wine and Art world, combining the love of both into the masterpieces captured in his paintings.

Damian at his Home and Studio in Constantia

Igniting the passion for art

Damian spent his early years bunking school so that he could spend his time outdoors in nature and exploring the exquisite surroundings of the Western Cape.  His passion for art and nature have fueled the creation of  some of his finest works paintings, some of which are portraits of wine farms in Constantia, Cape Town. For us at The Constantia Wine Tour, it is such an incredible thing to work and take guests on these farms every day and then to see them translated beautifully into a painting.

Damian’s talents don’t only include painting.   In his spare time Damian started a framing business, for local artists to put on the final touches to their art pieces.

Semillion Vineyards, Constantia

Dam at Groot Constantia

An Arty Wine Combination

Damian’s love for wine started at an early age, growing up in a household of wine lovers.  He started his career in wine, working at Constantia Uitsig where he worked for  5-6 years.  From here he worked at Buitenverwachting, Eagles Nest’ and Groot Constantia, where he continued to paint throughout all his years in the winelands.

One of Damian’s up-and-coming projects is a compilation of all of his work.  He is aiming to paint 50 pieces to make into a coffee book table that you can enjoy with your coffee and wine, of course 😉  Damian has reached 45 so far and is coming close to reaching his goal of 50.  We can’t wait to see the end result!

View of Groot Constantia

Manor House View, Groot Constantia


With regard to critique on his artwork, Damian doesn’t take things personally, but rather appreciates any honest feedback on his work. The reason he is able to do this is because he has come to realize that in art, as well as wine and life in general, we all resonate with things differently. We all come from different backgrounds and this influences the way we feel about certain subjects.

Art, like wine, is completely subjective and can be liked by one person and disliked by another. This echoes something we always tell non wine lovers…if you don’t like wine, you just haven’t found the right one 😉

Morning Mist over Constantia Valley

Groot Constantia

To see more of Damian’s art contact him at

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