A Wine Pop-Up Experience

If you haven’t already seen the great news on all our social media channels, The Constantia Wine Tour is expanding! In association with Blake Gowar and Ntokozo Kalako, we present to you, the Wine Pop-Up Experience. This is an amazing, and […]

Things To Do With Wine (besides drink it)

Yes, we know. It seems a bit ridiculous to do anything with wine besides drink it. But we have to admit, there are always those times when one too many bottles are opened or even the times when you open a […]

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The Tea-Lovers Guide to Cape Town

As stated in the previous blog (if you haven’t read it yet, go check it out!), alcohol has definitely been in the limelight this holiday season. Now, its tea’s turn. It’s the perfect timing as well, with all the specialty […]

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Valentine’s Day Amongst the Vineyards

Valentines Day plans? We got you covered.
The perfect Valentines Day= a stunning view, a scrumptious meal, all topped with delicious wine tastings. Now, where can you get such a thing you ask? The Constantia Wine Tour is here for you […]

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Bucket List to Cape Town’s Beaches

Since we are all most probably STILL recovering from our New Years Eve bash (it can’t just be me?), we decided to give alcohol a bit of a rest for the next few weeks. New year, new you, right?

South Africa […]

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Cocktails for New Years Eve

Three, two, one, party! These fabulous drinks and cocktail recipes will make your New Year’s Eve party a delicious success. Don’t just be popping champagne on your New Years Eve- kick things up a notch with these fabulous cocktail recipes:
Orange & Rasberry Mimosa
Laura Vitale’s […]

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Christmas Markets in Cape Town

The festive season, Fa la la la, Jesus’s birthday. Call it what you want- Christmas is finally upon us! This holiday seasons brings about many special things: mince pies, Christmas trees, presents, lights, and most importantly, Christmas markets. Yes, you […]

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Unique Wine Pairings in Cape Town

Last weekend whilst I was frolicking around Route 44 in Stellenbosch, I stumbled across a beautiful hidden gem, called the Delheim Wine Estate. We excitedly sat down to do a general wine pairing, as one does at a wine farm, […]

Clever Ways To Reuse Wine Bottles

Wine Lovers, this ones for you.

If you are anything like me, you have A LOT of empty wine bottles in your house. Well, we just happen to have a bunch of DIY ideas for re-purposing & recycling your wine bottles. […]

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Recipes That Incorporate Wine

Ever wonder what to do with leftover wine? That is, if you have any…This week’s blog is a follow on from last weeks blog: Cooking with wine. If you haven’t given it a read, make sure to do so! In this […]

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